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Why is there a fee for the initial consultation?

Good question! During a consultation, we go pretty in-depth on your style, needs, and your upcoming project. A lot of ideas are shared and discussed. I will provide you with ideas for the project and often give specific suggestions. When I leave you will have a good idea about what can be done for the project. The information that I share is customized to you and is valuable for your project.

Therefore, I charge a fee, because I know you are going to get a lot of value from this session!

I’m not sure which service would best fit my needs?

That’s ok! Often the best service gets decided during a consultation. You can fill out the form and we can book a time to go over your project and needs.

I need help with accessories and styling my shelves, and other areas of my home, do you do that?

Absolutely! I can help you get the accessories and style them.

I’m doing a renovation and feel overwhelmed by all the material choices, do you help people pick materials?

Yes! We will start with a consultation and then I will put together a material selection for you!

I have no idea what to say for a budget for my project!

Before we meet for the consultation, decide what you are comfortable spending. Have that number ready for the consultation, I can help you to decide if that budget will work or if we will need to tweak the design to fit the budget.

Can I have my house staged even if it’s not vacant!

Yes! Working with what you already have and adding in items where needed we can definitely stage a home that is not vacant.

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